Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time, I Had a Blog

Back in 2005-06 I had a MySpace account. With the account I kept a bit of a blog that was mainly a public journal about whatever was happening day-to-day in my life. I also put up a number of things on my profile where I was very open about my sexuality. Among them was a bumper sticker like picture I had made.

This prompted a message from a "woman" I had never met before.
Title: fag
i just wanted to let you know how sick you make me...i went to davis high too and the alumni would be sickened by your sick choice in mormon guy...or girl...of any religion for that matter would ever date you;...wake up and smell say you were born gay and i have to accept that...i say i was born hating gays and you have to accept that.
I was not pleased.

Later I received another, apparently unrelated message from a "man" whom I had even less connection with.
Title: (no subject)
did ur dick fall off is that y u r gay?
I share this for a couple reasons. First, this is why I have been reluctant to get back to blogging. Having a blog open to the world, and being on the Internet in general, leaves one open to the crazy lashings of the unhinged out in the world. All one has to do for proof is go to a site like or other public place to see the senseless postings of hatred. Second, these incidents are why I have chosen to restrict comments on my blog to only those who are members of this blog with constant comment monitoring. I have it available to be found and read by anyone, but I do not care to put up with people who derive sick delight in hating others via the Internet.

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