Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hairspray and Changes in Prejudice

Some years ago, when I watched the movie musical Hairspray a thought came to my mind.  I think it was something of the point to the movie, and maybe even what John Waters had in mind when he first made the original movie.  To sum it up I made this "meme":

Before people start going off I will say a few things.  No, racism is far from over.  Fat shaming and racism is not the same thing.  What I am saying is that I feel, especially as a person of size, is that the cultural acceptance of racial prejudice from the past has been and is being replaced with a cultural acceptance of prejudice against people who are overweight.  Also, it's not just women who are shamed for it.  Men are also deeply shamed for it as well.  Also, the demands of what is considered "acceptable" for male appearance is becoming more and more demanding, as discussed in this article about what is being demanded from movie actors.

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